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Usually, when people think of a burglary, they picture a man wearing all black breaking into someone’s home in the middle of the night to rob them. This is burglary, but the term more directly refers to a larger group of crimes. These laws do differ from state to state, but all of these crimes usually come with a severe sentence.


In order for someone to commit a burglary, they have to enter a building with a the intent and power to commit a crime within that building. However, in order to prove that the suspect was involved in a burglary, the prosecutor must have evidence that a burglary occurred and to give the jury no reasonable doubt that a burglary occurred. A burglary must contain the following points in order for it to be considered a burglary. The crime must be committed in a building or a structure, the suspect must have entered illegally, there must be a use of force, and the suspect must have at least the intent to commit a felony. A burglary can happen in any structure and it is not just limited to breaking into someone’s house.


In order for it to be an illegal entry, the suspect must have entered building that is private or in a public without publicly accessible. In order for there to be a use of force, the suspect has to exhibit some force and it does not matter how minimal the force is. To convict someone of burglary, the prosecutor must prove that the suspect had motive to commit a felony such as theft. Theft is the most common reason for a burglary, but there are a number of reasons someone may want to break into a building. The penalties for this crime is jail or prison, depending on how serious the offense was and a hefty fine that usually based on the value of the things that the person stole if they did commit a theft.


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