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The Claremont police department is located in the heart of the city of Claremont at 570 W. Bonita Avenue, Claremont, CA. This department is one of the older stations in the state of California, but there are rumors of a renovation occurring sometime in the near future.


There are many sections of the department that work together in order to make sure that the residents of the city of Claremont is safe. They have accomplished their mission for many years by constantly patrolling the city throughout the entire day. The sections that make up the full Claremont Police Department are Patrol, Investigation, Support Services, and the Administration Divisions. These sections are occupied by the most dedicated men and women in the area. In order for someone to be employed by the Claremont Police Department, they must first complete the Police Academy. This ensures that all of the officers are highly trained and can handle any situation that they may encounter in the field. The Claremont Police Department is also in charge of keeping the students at the Claremont colleges safe. Some of the civilian employees work as security for the campuses. The colleges used to have their own separate security but, the police department took over as security a few years ago.


This ensures that the students get the best security and any problem on campus could be handled faster because they are directly connected to the police department. Every officer is also highly involved in their individual communities in order to build a better relationship between law enforcement and the residents of the city. The Claremont Police Department also has a civilian volunteer program. The volunteers are given vehicles to patrol the city and look out for any possible problems or to assist officers with directing traffic or watching a crime scene.

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