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Leaving his Partner

News has spread like wildfire after the two inmate’s successfully escaped a maximum security prison in New York. David Sweat and Richard Matt worked perfectly together coming up with a plan to escape and making that plan work. However, once they were out in the free world, problems began to arise according to David Sweat. Sweat explains to authorities that as the two remained together for a couple of weeks, Matt began holding back the plans of the two. Sweat felt that Matt was slowing him down and that their best option was to split up. According to authorities, Matt seemed to have been ill during the escape, possibly from contaminated food or water. People believe that splitting up and veering away from their original plan, ultimately lead up to Matt’s death and to the capture of Sweat. Luckily these two dangerous men are no longer a concern for the safety of Americans Nationwide. This shows that no matter how good of a plan a criminal thinks he has, justice will catch up to them and justice will serve.

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