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Irwindale Wind-Driven Brush Fire.

High winds in many areas of SoCal Tuesday night fueled an Irwindale brush fire at the 210 and 605 Freeways.

Irwindale: Around 9:04 p.m. Tuesday, Mar.23, 2021, Los Angeles County Fire Department Division 2 responded to a three acre brush fire at the 210 and 605 Freeways at the Santa Fe Dam. It took approximately an hour for 50 firefighters and seven engines on the scene to achieve knockdown with the challenge of high winds blowing through the area. LACoFD checked the homeless encampments in the area and is investigating the cause of the fire. LACoFD Battalion Chief Munoz was interviewed on location.

Irwindale is a city in the San Gabriel valley, in Los Angeles county, California.

With relatively few residents, Irwindale consists mostly of rock quarries, which are the major revenue source for the city. The Irwindale event center is also located in the city, as is the Santa Fe dam recreation area near the San Gabriel river, a plant of the miller brewing company, and a plant of the Huy Fong foods company.


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